Monday, 23 June 2014

Always approach a company for Mandarin translation services

I would always approach a company for Mandarin translation services because translation software cannot be fully trusted and to ignore it and take the risk will be hugely costly and not amusing when I am in front of the board of directors.

In fact, I think I would lose my job which I have worked hard at. The problem is in today's business world it is fast paced and are always looking to reduce costs, which to me means reduces performance and quality if the translation is wrong.

If the wording has gone to print before the errors are found then this will impact on the company's profits.

At the end of the day you get what you spent and below are three funny marketing translations gone wrong.

1. Matsushita and Panasonic were launching a pc and browser in Japan.  The marketing campaign used Woody the Woodpecker.  The campaign was placed on hold when a member of staff noticed the U.S slang translation 'Touch Woody – The Internet Pecker.'

2. Gerber placed a baby picture on their jars and packaging when they entered the African market but due to African's low literacy rate, many companies in Africa used pictures on labels to denote what’s inside.

3. Pepsi translated in China means, “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life.” The message in Chinese literally means, “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave.”

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The real cost to China's businesses with government anti-corruption crackdown

Many news reports have been published about China's ongoing crackdown on corruption (tigers and flies), but now one of the world's biggest banks has put a price on the corruption.

The report published by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch this week, the Chinese government's anti-graft campaign could have cost China's economy more than $100bn this year alone. 

Many of the small effects of the anti-corruption drive have already been well documented; a slowdown in the restaurant trade and sales in luxury goods has seen Chinese business go out of business.

The gift giving culture is part of the Chinese business culture and required if doing business in China.

The past year has seen Shanghai's posh malls and boutique designer shops business slow to snails pace but the BofAML report suggests that the campaign is also having a significant and troubling macroeconomic effect.

Early last year, government bank deposits have been soaring, by almost 30% year on year and even honest officials are now terrified of starting new projects, for fear of being seen as corrupt that they're simply keeping public funds in the bank.

The cost to the economy of the prohibition on government consumption and the chill on admin spending is an estimated reduction in growth of at least 0.6% this year but it could, the report argues, be as high as 1.5% which gives us the figure of about $135bn of lost economic activity.

The report's authors admit their calculations are a back of the envelope estimate of fiscal contraction, but even if they are only half right it is an extraordinary amount of money and it highlights some of the challenges facing China's anti-corruption crusader in chief, President Xi Jinping.

Since taking office over a year ago Xi has made the cause his goal, warning that official graft and extravagance threaten the very survival of the ruling Communist Party.

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Isle of Man business to see benefits of Chinese link up

Twelve delegates from the Isle of Man where hosted by a Chinese delegation when they visited China and could soon have produced tangible results for the island economy announced by the chief minister.

Last Wednesday Allan Bell signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in the northern Tianjin.

The new alliance aims to provide mutual beneficial trade and technical links between countries.

Mr Allan Bell said: "We have shown how we can support Chinese businesses seeking to do business in UK and Europe" and added, "Strengthening cooperation is key to doing business in China".
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Part B: An important partner in China

Starting the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Chinese delegation visit to the United Kingdom the Home Office has explained the new visa service aimed at making it wasier for Chinese visitors to the UK.

Chinese visitors inc. business/tourism will now be able to use the new single process for British visas. Also the Schengen visa has been created giving access to other EU countries.

The new visa service is a twenty-four-hour service for Chinese visitors and will be launched in late summer around August.

It is not only Chinese tourists but also 
wealth Chinese visiting the UK visiting Britain.

Roughly £18bn worth of business/commercial agreements/deals were signed and this comes after authorities in China complainted about the difficulties for Chinese people entering.

The Home Secretary Theresa May mentioned, "
Chinese tourism in the UK is soaring".

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Part A: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits the UK yesterday

Yesterday (17th June 2014) the UK played host to China's Premier Li Keqiang and a Chinese delegation on their three day visit to the UK.

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in London, yesterday on a three day visit, which is part of Europeon tour for his first official visit with the aim for business talks with the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Later on in the day Premier Li will have an audience and photo oportunity when he meets Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

Their has been plenty of discussions about doing business in China and the UK and the diffeculties in British and Chinese business culture.

However Mr Li said he really hoped his visit would expand Sino-British busines co-operations and create a better understanding between both countries.

The talks went well for both countries but Mr Cameron still remains hugely concerned about China's human rights.

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Chinese lady who loves shopping and being a Mystery Guest

My business partner being a Chinese lady who loves shopping and assessing business facilities established our mystery guest program ten years ago and uses British and Chinese people.

For her it has been really interesting because she has gained so many interesting things about the British shopping culture as well as learning the difference between cultures in China and the UK.

The main thing that stands out for her is the lack of customer service in UK shops and the poor quality of food served in pubs and restaurants. Most of the time we find pubs and restaurants don't provide the quality of food expected for the price paid.

 If you want good quality food you have to pay a premium price at a high end restaurant.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Boom expected in beer sales, in China for World Cup fever

Beer sales set to boom with the 2014 World Cup fever in China. This is aided by the increasing middle class drinking bottled and canned beers creating a good market for exporting to China, especially for British real ale and craft beers.

The second and third quarters of the year 2014 will see an increase in beer sales between June 12th and July 13th.

Even though there are lots of exported beers in China Tsingtao and Beijing's Yanjing are expected to do well. In China beer consumption is a seasonal tradition of doing well in the summer and but slowing down for the autum/winter due to the Chinese drinking hot drinks instead.

More can be read on our blog  

On business in China and eating out - What you need yo know?

You're doing business in China and are negotiating a big deal for from the early hours of the morning with five Chinese directors discussing your products, brands and the possabilities of exporting to China. At lunch the directors take you out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. When the first dish of chickens feet arrives, one the directors jumps up and using his chop sticks serves you a chicken's foot on to your plate.

What are you going to do? What does this mean to you, your business and your deal?

A: Have you upset him or coursed him to loose Face
B: The director thinks you are struggle with your chopsticks and is trying to help you
C: The director is showing his respect
D: The directors having a bet to see what you will or not eat
E: Think I should have accepted Go Frontiers (UK & China) services in Mandarin and Chinese Translation Services

Then, what are you going to do?
A: Think 'Oh Boy!!!' and get tuck into food thinking of a the bush tucker trial
B: Thank him and eat the food
C: When no one is looking through the food behind the curtain
D: Leave the food and make an excuss

Chinese business culture is some thing you need to know if you are doing business with the Chinese.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Derbyshire company's corporate social responsibility work to help Chinese Buddhist Master restock Shanghai Lake

In a suburb near Shanghai Go Frontiers contributed in helping the Buddhist Master Wei Jing to release fish that were originally destined for Shanghai's fish markets.

In a short Buddhist ceremony given by the Master Wei Jing over 20,000 fish were released in to the lake in an effort to help the environment and restock the lake next to their ancient temple.

Based in Loscoe village in Derbyshire, Go Frontiers helps UK companies to do business in China, build relationships and people skills in Chinese business culture with their Chinese counterparts/agents in order to save costs, improve performance, day-to-day communications and reduce risk, employee stress.

More of the story can be read on our news blog

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Dragon Boat Race Festival: The Chinese are on holiday...

Today is a Chinese bank holiday and the famous, 'Dragon Boat Race Festival'.
If you are doing business in China expect movement from the Chinese factories. The Dragon Boat Race is to commemorate the poet Qu Yuan which dates back over 2000 years.
The legend has it that a Chinese court official named Qu Yuan, was banished... Read more at

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